Lord Shiva

Temple History

Lord Shiva resides in Rajahmundry in the form of Uma Markandeyeswara Swami. It is said that the temple got its name after the "Markandeya", an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva.

This ancient temple is located in Rajahmundry town and tourists can easily reach this place from nearby places like Kakinada(67 kms) and Amalapuram(65 kms). Rajahmundry has the distinction of being the cultural capital of Andhra Pradesh.

The temple was a mosque in ancient times later it was declared as Shiva temple after the archaeological surveys done by Indian Archeological survey. It was reconstructed in 1818 by Gundu Sobhanadriswara Rao. The reconstruction of the temple was done with the addition of a gate at Gunduvari Street. Sobhanadriswara Rao resided on this street. A holy destination that has immense historical as well as religious significance, this temple has numerous legends attached to it and is frequented by pilgrims from all over the country.

According to the recitals, a Muni called Mrukhanada dedicated for Meditation with an object of getting children and Lord Siva gave Varam at the choice of Muni to select a Baby having no husband throughout her life or a Boy surviving 11 years for a spirit of devotion and pious personality. The Muni chooses a Boy at the instance of Lord Siva. Lord Siva gave varam accordingly.

The Boy, named 'Markandaya' having the knowledge of his short survival, dedicated his life for Tapasya, installed a Lingam at the place where the temple is now situates and worshipped the Lingam. On attaining the age of 11 years, Yamah tried to take his life but, Lord Shiva came to the rescue the Boy and gave varam of total survival of his life. The Boy completely dedicated his life for the worship of Lord Siva and reached Siva and Parvathi Ammavaru. This is the Historical back-ground. As the Idol (Lingam) and Ammavaru are stated to have installed by Muni Markandeya, the temple is popularly known as Sri Markendeyeswara Swamy Varu.


Additional Information

Mahashivarathri annual Kalyanam and Devinavarathrulu festivals grandly celebrated here. During Kartikamasam special poojas will be perfomed here.

Best hotels includes star hotels and lodges are available in Rajahmundry city for the devotees accommodation. Private transport and buses are available from all parts of the city to reach the temple.

The Temple is situated in the heart of the town, which is very near to R. T. C complex and S. C. Railway station. Rajahmundry Bus Station is just 4 kms and Rajahmundry Railway Station is only 3 kms from the temple. Private transport and buses are available to reach the temple from the bus stand and railway station..

Rajahmundry Airport (RJA) is the nearest airport which is 14.1 kms from the temple.
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